Company achievement


The first one published dry cabinet which with monitor system of humidity and temperature in the world.

The first one published below 1%RH dry cabinet.

The first one published 40°C ultra- low humidity electronic dry cabinet E40 series all over the world.


We have 32 global patents from China, USA, Japan and Europe. Our Certificate: CE/UL/RoHS/ISO9001:2008/EMC/CED


Our customers

ACER, Advanced Semiconductor, AIDC, Alcatel, American Power Conversion (APC), ASE Global, ASUS, AUO, Benchmark, BenQ, BOSCH, Bose, CAMPAL, Celestica, CHIMEI, Continental, Coretronic, CSIST, D-Link, EI Microcircuits, ERICSSON, Flextronics, FPC, FOXCONN, General Dynamics, GIGABYTE, Harris Corp., HJTC, IBM, INER, Intel, Johns Hopkins University, Liteon, Media Tek, Micron, NASA, National Chip Implementation Center, National Research Council of Canada, Omron, Optimax, Panasonic, Philips, QSMC, Qualcomm, Quanta Computer, Quanta Storage, Samsung, Siemens, SMIC, SONY, SUNPLUS, TATA POWER, TPO, TSMC, Tyco, UMC, University of Texas, US Navy, UT Starcom, VLSIP, Wellypower, Wistron, ...etc