Ace Dragon Corporation
With 20 years  experiences in Humidity Control Solution, Dr. Storage desiccators is especially designed and made to comply with J-STD-033/IPC. They are suit for industrial and home user to tackle for humidity problems and it has been widely used all over the world.


Manufactured with the strictest attitude and comply with ISO9001 standard. Each and every Dr.Storage desiccant cabinet is of the highest quality and the best performance in the industry. Our RD is dedicate to provide the best and the most convenient storage solution for all humidity problems. Not only do we focus on the performance of our products, we also incorporate Environmental Friendly design to all of our drying boxes and have helped out many reputable SMT / IT customers cutting their product defective rate to zero, and substantially saving them worth of hundred and thousands US dollars each year.



Complied to IPC J-STD-033C standard, these dry cabinets are suitable to dry and store MSD ( Moisture Sensitive Devices) components, especially for the use of PCB, SMT, and precision parts electronic makers.  This efficient dry storage can protect the MSD parts from oxidization and pop-corn phenomenon. Through over a decade, our equipments are marketed to famous electronics plants and help to enhance the quality reliability and lower the defective rate of their products.


Suitable for the storage of low level MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices), for example, electronics components, medical supplies, raw materials, and chemical ingredients,

this series of dry cabinets are provided in different volume sizes and the relative humidity range can be a wide range and adjustable according to different customer’s needs. Drying storage can greatly prevent the parts from degrading, oxidization, transformation, and moldy.


<Household dry box series>

This series of various small sized dry boxes (Household dry box) are provided to cater to the needs of ordinary customers with limited storage space.  Also equipped with industrial level dehumidifier, this series of dry boxes can perform stable and gradual  dehumidifying ability. They are specially applicable to store documents, audio and video recordings, 3C electronics devices, laser discs, digital cameras, CD lenses memory cards, , telescopes, photographs, slides, paintings, antiques, stamp collection, coin collection, medicine, tea, coffee, seeds, leather etc.


High precision and quick reaction hygrometers and small sized hygrometers can be used in any places where humidity level is required to be controlled and monitored. They can also provide alarm and data recording functions and are widely installed at the factory sites, hospitals, and laboratories.

This compact and easy -to- install N2 control system can be added on any nitrogen dry cabinets.